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Nashville, TN 37212

The Music City Yoga Festival is an annual event in Nashville, TN, welcoming hundreds of area yogis to celebrate yoga, music, food, and community! Proceeds from the Music City Yoga Festival benefit local non-profit Small World Yoga to promote and share accessible yoga in the community. 

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The Music City Yoga Festival is Small World Yoga's annual fundraiser and celebration of yoga, fitness, and wellness in Nashville. Join us for another year of yoga, vendors, live music, local food, and a few new surprises.

The Music City Yoga Festival supports Small World Yoga's outreach throughout Middle, TN. Through this fundraiser, Small World Yoga teachers bring yoga to prisons, schools, libraries, rehabilitation centers, parks and more throughout the Nashville-area for FREE. In addition, a portion of the money raised is donated to Africa Yoga Project, the inspiration for the MCYF and Small World Yoga.


Music City Yoga Festival

Music City Yogis,

I want to warmly welcome each of you to the 5th annual Music City Yoga Festival. Since 2013, this community has gathered, practiced, and laughed together. This year will by my 3rd time at MCYF. I thought this day would be like any other fundraiser or festival that first year. But, I was wrong. For me, this day has become a family-reunion of sorts. From the yogis who attend every single year to those who have just learned about Small World Yoga, each person becomes a part of our extended Small World Yoga family. Year after year, the Music City Yoga Festival represents why this organization exists –  to build community and create connections through access to yoga. For us, yoga is more than a physical practice on your mat. Yes, the physical is important. But, the mental, emotional, and relational practices are too. That is why this festival, this community, and this organization can create such an impact. Everyone at Small World Yoga has seen this practice, and this community, change individual lives.

Community truly is at the center of what we do at Small World Yoga. Community may seem like a buzzword these days; everyone talks about the importance of cultivating community, building your tribe, and being a part of something. It may seem commonplace, but having a strong community is a privilege. Many of the students Small World Yoga interacts with daily do not have this privilege. Small World Yoga teachers constantly work to invite their students into our larger community. They meet their students where they are – both on their mat and in their lives. Whether it is an incarcerated man at the detention center or a senior at the local library, our teachers are making yoga accessible to everyone. The teachers bring the same passion and love that we all experience at the Music City Yoga Festival to these classes everyday.

Personally, I experienced the power of this community as it welcomed me when I needed it most. After starting to practice at a local studio my freshman year of college, I personally experienced the inward and outward transformation this community has on individual lives. Joining Small World Yoga and the Music City Yoga Festival team was no-brainer. I knew wanted to be a part of this life-changing organization.

In honor of the 5th annual Music City Yoga Festival, I welcome each of you to share in this community with me and with us on November 18th.

Welcome to the yogis who have volunteered and will volunteer.

Welcome to those who provided our beautiful event space this year's and past's – Rocketown.  

Welcome to our sponsors, teachers, and vendors.

Welcome to the yogis who have never been to the Music City Yoga Festival.

Welcome to the yogis who have come before.

Welcome to the those who have come every year since 2013.

Welcome to long-time and new Small World Yoga students.

Welcome to those from Nashville and to those who have travelled.

Welcome to the new and the wise yogis.

Welcome to you.

And, welcome to all.



Thank You...

Music City Yoga Festival

Nashville yoga community,

My heart is still so full from last weekend. Full of love and gratitude for so many people in this yoga community. Events like this yoga festival don’t just happen because a couple people have a vision. They come alive when everyone starts collaborating and working together in support of it. Teachers, studio owners, sponsors, marketplace vendors, musicians, volunteers, individuals that bought a ticket for themselves or encouraged a friend to go with them - you are the ones that made this event. Thanks to each and every one of you for making Music City Yoga Festival an amazing event. 

Thank you to Africa Yoga Project for sharing Anita and Catherine with us. Anita and Catherine, you all inspired so many people. Your energy and love of yoga can be felt in every word you say and it was such a gift to have you representing Africa Yoga Project in Nashville. 

MCYF & SWY crew, thank you for such selfless service. From taping floors and fixing a broken toilet multiple times to creating a beautiful community marketplace lounge and emceeing for 8 hours, no task was too big or too small. Thank you for shining so brightly and putting so much enthusiasm and heart into everything you did! I learned to put a great deal of trust in all of you through this entire process and was blown away at how you each went above and beyond the call of duty. This event was such a tribute to each of you and all your incredible talents.

When the festival was created last year, the vision was to have a day where the yoga community would come together in celebration of all the amazing teachers and students that are a part of it. The second part of that vision was to provide an opportunity for the yoga community to give back. This year we chose to not only support Africa Yoga Project, but to bring Small World Yoga to have a local tie to yoga and outreach in Middle Tennessee.

I watched in awe as people came together all day and all weekend long. Laughter as yogis took a break and admired their flash tatoos in lululemon's gratitude lounge, students getting off their mat to make room for someone next to them, meeting a new friend during the thai massage session or handstand workshop, marketplace vendors connecting with attendees, but also one another. Those were the moments that inspire me and inspire everyone that had a part in creating this event. Our team continues to dream about how this event can grow, improve and touch more people in 2015. Ultimately, how can this event be a cause for more community in Nashville?  

Thank you, Nashville yoga community, for an incredible 2nd year of the Music City Yoga Festival. We couldn't have done it without you and can't wait until we're all together again next year!

In the meantime, check out the amazing gallery of photos on our Facebook page. Feel free to like, share, tag, tweet, Insta...go crazy! Our incredible photographers Daniel C. White and Lindley Battle captured some of the best moments throughout the day!

With gratitude,

Liz Veyhl


A Calling...

Music City Yoga Festival

This Saturday, hundreds of yogis will be hitting their mats at 429 Event Space in Nashville.


But this is more than a one-day event to get a bunch of yogis doing chaturangas in the same big room together.

The Music City Yoga Festival's 2nd Annual event is just two days away, and the planning team is hard at work with everything last-minute that goes along with putting on a city-wide event (bring on the caffeinated chai, please). But this day is more than a marketing platform for local, family-owned businesses, and it is more than a promotional opportunity for two non-profit organizations to get a little more exposure.

This is a calling. 

A calling to break down the walls of separate yoga studios all over town. A calling to live our yoga on and off our mats by coming together - uniting - as a community. 

This event allows us the opportunity to practice various styles of yoga without the literal separation of individual studio spaces. Where the instructors humbly and gladly share the stage to co-lead sessions together. It is a chance for the urban/suburban yogi to reach further than the borders of our neighborhood and into local and worldwide communities we've perhaps never seen before.

We can share the gift of yoga - the gift of breath, of movement, of vitality and holistic health, of strength and confidence, of meditation and stillness of the mind. We as a Nashville community have the chance to experience all of those things each time we practice our yoga, and to share that with those who may not normally have access to or awareness of yoga is a powerful thing. It is a calling. 

Let's go, Nashville. Show up & unroll your mat. Let's spread the love, the gift of yoga to both our local communities through Small World Yoga, as well as worldwide with Africa Yoga Project



Your involvement in the local and worldwide yoga community doesn't have to be a one-day event. Join us in taking our yoga off our mats and into the WORLD! Visit Small World Yoga and Africa Yoga Project's websites to learn more.